ASMC Community Service Event

January 28, 2020

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

 425 2nd St NW, Washington, DC 20001



To celebrate the New Year, we are volunteering to support the DC Central Kitchen again! Please lend your time and generosity and help us fight hunger in DC!


We invite you to join your fellow ASMC Washington Chapter members as we fight hunger and transform wasted food into balanced meals for our community! You will work alongside graduates of DC Central Kitchen’s Culinary Job Training program to help them prepare nutritious meals by cutting, chopping and/or peeling otherwise wasted food. With the help of volunteers like you, DC Central Kitchen prepares and deliver more than 5,000 meals to partner homeless shelters, rehabilitation clinics, halfway houses, and afterschool programs each day. No cooking or food service experience is required!


We are looking for 12 volunteers to join us in giving back to our community and help those in need!


To sign up, please send an email with your name, email address, and phone number to Chris Pritchett and Jeff Norris, both fellow ASMC Washington Chapter members.


Additional info about DC Central kitchen can be found at A short video about the DC Central Kitchen organization can be found at

 ASMC Washington Chapter

Individual and Team Achievement Awards Deadline

31 January 2020


The Washington Chapter Achievement Awards are presented annually to individuals and teams who have been nominated for outstanding accomplishment within one of the functional fields of comptrollership.



Responsibilities at various levels include planning and directing the accounting operation to best serve management's needs, including the development and presentation of information in support of management decision-making; development of accounting policies and procedures, interpretation and application of accounting principles and standards; financial reporting, including preparation and presentation of the basic financial statements, related notes and disclosures, management’s discussion and analysis, and required supplementary information; ensuring the integrity of financial and accounting information; audit readiness including internal controls over financial reporting, communication with auditors, planning for and responding to “provided by client” (PBC) items, internal testing of transactions, preparation of internal control assurance statements, and working audit findings and recommendations; valuation of property, plant, and equipment (PPE); considerations regarding materiality, review and analysis of accounting transactions, information and trends, analysis and resolution of problem disbursements, etc.; and aiding in the design, development and inspection of accounting systems.



Responsibilities at various levels include managing, controlling, review and analysis of military and civilian pay, military retired pay, commercial pay, travel pay, disbursing, call center, and other associated financial operations and services in peacetime, wartime, and contingency operations. It also includes development of financial management policy and procedures associated with these operations and maintenance of internal controls to manage financial services and analysis operations, as well as performance of audit readiness functions relative to finance services operations.


Acquisition/Cost Analysis

Responsibilities include acquisition program decision support, project management, economic analysis, management analysis, business case analysis, and cost/benefit analysis. It also includes special studies, cost modeling, and parametric cost modeling, as well as involvement in driving cost management culture and program or operational cost savings.



Responsibilities involve the planning and conduct of financial statement audits, performance audits, and attestation engagements and also the preparation and presentation of associated reports - all in accordance with government auditing standards. Financial statement audits include all of the activities associated with providing an opinion as to whether an organization’s financial statements are presented fairly, in all material respects, in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework. Performance audits include review of the efficiency and effectiveness of resource utilization and the extent to which desired program or operating results and benefits are being achieved. Auditing includes the determination and presentation of audit findings and recommendations (as well as their documentation and support) and also estimation of savings that can be generated from the implementation of audit recommendations.



Responsibilities include planning, managing, or involvement in formulation, submission, justification, and execution of organization budgets. It also includes development of estimates, preparation of reports (e.g., SF 132 and SF 133) and special schedules, development and management of unfinanced requirements, internal controls over the integrity of obligations, and all other areas of compliance with OMB Circular A-11 requirements associated with the budgeting function.  Key functions also include review and analysis of the relationships between resources and the organization's mission and functions, such as analyzing accounting reports, researching program activities, preparing and presenting briefings on programs, reviewing financial plans, conducting analysis of alternative uses of funds, and other activities in support of management decision- making.


Resource Management

This category recognizes outstanding performance by an individual who works in financial management; for example, planning, programming, cost management, financial systems management, and execution of FM related programs or projects involving superior contributions to resource management that do not fit into the other categories.


Team Achievement

This award is for outstanding team performance and recognizes teams whose accomplishments, adoption of study results or outcome of savings, aid in the advancement of the profession of military comptrollership. A team is defined as at least two or more, but not exceeding twenty, individuals brought together temporarily to perform a specific task. Teams will compete as a small team (2 to 10) or a large team (11 to 20). A team includes a leader and members (no exceptions to size limits), brought together temporarily to perform a specific task outside of normal functions or operations or the purview of the current structure. Contractor personnel may be listed as members, but the team must be primarily government employees.


Award Criteria

Any military or civilian person currently employed by the Department of Defense (to include National Guard & Reserve Components) or the United States Coast Guard may be nominated. A member or non-member of ASMC may be nominated. Individual contractors can only be nominated for an award in the individual category of Contractor Support. Individuals must be located within the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area.


Submission Requirements

Any office or person in the Department of Defense or the United States Coast Guard (to include National Guard or Reserve Components) may nominate a person who has demonstrated outstanding performance. Each nomination must be prepared on the 2019 ASMC Washington Chapter Annual Award Submission Template. The justification narrative must be limited to two pages. If an individual is nominated in more than one category, prepare a separate entry for each category.


Award Selection Procedures

Judging will be based on outstanding performance as evidenced by documentation of:


Impact: (50% weighted): Focused on the results and impacts the accomplishment had across the organization and/or functional communities.


Complexity and Leadership: (35% weighted): Focused on the level of difficulty involved in developing and implementing the achievement(s) and the specific leadership skills demonstrated.


Resource Savings: (15% weighted): Focused on the amount of actual or projected monetary and/or non-monetary savings; manpower savings; time savings; and period of savings (year of execution, budget year, POM, etc.


The number of awards presented in individual achievement award categories will be dependent upon the number and quality of the nominations, not to exceed one award in any one category, with a minimum of three individual achievements awarded. A minimum of one award will be provided for the small and the large team. No team will be permitted to win in more than one category within the same year. No individual or team will be permitted to be a repeat winner in the same category within a five-year time period.



Nominations must be submitted to Mr. John Writer via email ( by January 31, 2019 to be considered by the selection panel. Winners will be notified no later than March 1st.



Awards will be presented at the National Capital Regional Professional Development Institute (NCR PDI) and winners will be listed on the website. Nominating officials should encourage all superiors of organizations that have winning candidates to have those candidates present at the annual NCR PDI to receive awards.


For More Information

Contact Mr. John Writer,



 Budgeting and Accounting: Making the Connection  

February 6, 2020


The ASMC Washington Chapter is sponsoring the following mini-courses at no cost to our members.


This course is designed for junior DoD or contract employees from various backgrounds: accountants who want insight into DoD budgeting, budgeteers who want insight into DoD Accounting, and systems people who want a basic understanding of DoD budgeting and accounting so they can implement new financial systems.


DoD Certification Level 2

COMPETENCY: Concepts, Policies and Principles of Budget – 2.5 hrs. (PL3


Location: Management Concepts Washington, DC Training Center, 919 18th Street NW, Suite 800 Washington, DC 20006

Across the street from the Farragut West Metro Station

Thursday February 6, 2020


 8:30 –11:30 a.m.

12:30 – 3:30 p.m.


Register by January 24, 2020



Please visit


ASMC Washington Chapter Meeting

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Speaker: RADM Thomas G. Allan. Jr., Assistant Commandant for Resources & Chief Financial Officer, United States Coast Guard

Location: Westin Crystal City, 1800 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Virginia, 22202.

Westin Crystal City Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Arlington’s Crystal City, adjacent to the Crystal City Metro Station (Yellow and Blue Lines).

Date: Thursday, February, 2020

TIME: Check-in/Social 11:30, Lunch 11:45


1. ASMC Corporate Member - $35

2. ASMC Active Government or Retired Member - $15 (*Retirees re-employed with government contractors are considered ASMC Corporate Members)

3. ASMC Active Government Early Careerist (GS-11 and below) - $10

4. Government Non-ASMC Attendee   -  $15 first meeting

5. Government Non-ASMC Attendee   -  $25 subsequent meetings

ASMC Washington Chapter Monthly Meeting Corporate Table Pilot- Luncheon Table Reservations in advance ON LINE for discount!!!!

$252 – Includes 2 reserved seats to hear distinguished SES speakers on:  


January 16, 2020 hosted by USMC

February 20, 2020 hosted by USCG

April 16, 2020 hosted by DOD

May 21, 2020 hosted by Army


No March meeting as we hold the ASMC NCR PDI on Thursday 12 March 2020 at Ronald Reagan Bldg.

Register at:


ASMC Pilot- Luncheon Table Reservation for Large and Small Businesses Fee:

$252 – Includes 2 reserved seats for Jan, Feb, Apr, and May 2020 (10% discount if paid in full, for 2 seats in January, February, April, and May luncheons for a total of 8 monthly meeting seats! No need for discrete monthly reservations/payments for ASMC luncheons, and provides ability for corporate members to bring young careerists, guests/clients and potential members at your discretion.)



Discounted parking available as an additional cost to the luncheon: Simply go to the front desk and mention that you are with the ASMC group and pay $17 for your parking.

Website is open until room capacity is reached!




Discounted parking available as an additional cost to the luncheon: Simply go to the front desk and mention that you are with the ASMC group and pay $17 for your parking.

Website is open until room capacity is reached!

2020 NCR PDI

March 12, 2020

The NCR PDI is a vibrant engagement across key ASMC Washington metropolitan area chapters to optimize Defense education and professional development, dialogue, networking, as well as fund-raising for charities and scholarships. Over the last four years our event has sold out, with over 1,600 government and industry professionals. PLEASE join us on Thursday March 12, 2020 at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington D.C. for a terrific day of learning, discourse, and certification [7 CPE/CETs].  There is no cost for our active military/government ASMC members to ensure attendance. Invited keynote speakers this year will include the Honorable David Norquist, Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the Honorable Elaine McCusker, Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Financial Management and Comptroller, and DoD CIO Mr. Dana Deasy.

Our 2020 ASMC National Capital Region PDI theme is “Create Success – It’s Contagious!”

Defense Financial Management military, civilian, and contractor professionals have been challenged and amply resourced for nearly two decades to effectively transform legacy operations, achieve audit, and enhance professional advancement.  We have analyzed, reformed and prepared.  2020 is our time to move out = achieve mission outcomes and create success!

Thank you for your support of our premier training event! For questions, please contact our Registration Chair Wayne Whiten or call 703 -797-8831 or 703-509-1544.

Government Rates:

 $0 ASMC members who are current active duty military and government civilian employees only [government civilian badges or active military ID cards]

 $40 - Non-ASMC members who are current Government employees

Corporate Rates:

$229 - Corporate/Non-Government Rate* [that includes retired government and contractors working onsite at government locations] for ASMC members

$279 - Corporate/Non-Government Rate* for non-ASMC members

Both retired military/government personnel must pay the non-government registration fee to attend – depending on if they are current ASMC members or non-members.

*All contractor employees [employed by commercial firms] – regardless of whether they are in the reserves or not [unless status is full-time duty as a reservist] – pay our contractor registration fee as ASMC member or non-member.


Debra Del Mar

2020 Chair ASMC National Capital Region PDI

M:  703-593-6667



Registration Link:

Program Link:




 Internal Control: Meeting Federal Requirements for Accountability

April 16, 2020


The ASMC Washington Chapter is sponsoring the following mini-courses at no cost to our members.


This mini-course will help participants in reducing the risk of waste, fraud, and mismanagement within their agency, and supporting accountability efforts. Participants will learn what controls are and why they are important; the requirements, standards, and guidance available for internal controls; the importance of risk management; and the eight steps in an internal control process. In addition, the course will cover the relatively new requirement for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), addressing risks to an agency’s strategic objectives.


DoD Certification Level 2

COMPETENCY: Audit Concepts, Policies and Principles – 2.5 hrs (PL3)


Location: Management Concepts Washington, DC Training Center, 919 18th Street NW, Suite 800 Washington, DC 20006

Across the street from the Farragut West Metro Station

Thursday April 16, 2020


 8:30 –11:30 a.m.

12:30 – 3:30 p.m.


Register by April 3, 2020



Please visit




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