ASMC Washington Chapter Meeting (Virtual)

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Sponsored by Washington Chapter U.S. Coast Guard Members

Speaker:  The Honorable Troy D. Edgar, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Topic: DHS CFO Leadership Perspective


Location: Virtual – Access information will be emailed upon completion of registration.

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Date: Thursday, January 14, 2021

TIME: 12:00 – 13:00

COST: Free

Note: Only individuals who register through the ASMC website before the meeting will receive CET credit.  Registration will remain open until the morning of the luncheon to allow people as much time as possible to register. The cut off is 09:00.

ASMC Washington Chapter

Professional Award Scholarships

31 January 2021

Suspense Deadline



Continued professional and personal development is a core tenet of ASMC. In an effort to offset the personal cost of continuing education & training, the Washington Chapter will provide five annual scholarships of $1000 to current ASMC members of the following grades/rank:


·       GS-07-12, All Enlisted, O-1 to O-3 Officers: (5) $1000 annual scholarships


Application Requirements: To be considered, each applicants will submit a 1-3 page letter explaining why they are deserving of a scholarship to achieve their goal of a degree/certification related to business or public policy. Applications need to include full name, rank/grade, current position/title, degree/certification being pursued, course provider, and personal contact information.


The narrative of the application must include information in each of the areas below:


·       Participation/Membership in ASMC

·       Community Service/Volunteer Work

·       GPA/Academic Achievement

·       Professional Achievement/Awards

·       Course Work to Current Position


Submission Deadline: The cut-off date for applications is 31 January, 2021. Applications submitted after this date will not be eligible for the scholarship consideration this year.


Submission Instructions: Applications should be submitted via electronic mail to Mario R. Beckles at the following two addresses: External link opens in new tab or and External link opens in new tab or


Scholarship Award: Scholarship winners will be notified in by 1 April of their selection. If the Scholarship Committee forwards a regional winners applications to ASMC National for competition for the National Scholarship as well, they may receive notification before 1 April. All scholarship award winners will be announced at the April (2021) luncheon.


Scholarship Selection: The Scholarship Committee will evaluate applications based on the individuals accomplishments in each of the areas required for the narrative, with ASMC participation and membership being the most heavily weighted. Additionally, writing mechanics such as grammar, spelling and prose will be factored in.

If you have any questions or need additional information please email Mario R. Beckles at External link opens in new tab or

ASMC Virtual Community Service Event

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

12PM – 2PM via Microsoft Teams Meeting



Let’s get together again and make history! Please donate your time and participate in a virtual Transcribe-a-Thon for the Smithsonian museums!


We invite you to join your fellow ASMC Washington Chapter members as we transcribe digitized collections from the Smithsonian museums. We had a successful event this past September transcribing for the Smithsonian museums that we decided to offer this event again for those that may have missed the opportunity or would like to volunteer again. Explore and enhance historical collections from around the Smithsonian by transcribing historical documents. Started in 2013, the Transcription Center is a freely accessible website connecting volunteers across the world with digitized Smithsonian collections that need to be or already have been transcribed. Volunteers will look at a scanned image usually containing a handwritten note and type it into a text box without any changes and it is a great way to learn about history in detail! With the help of volunteers like you, the Smithsonian Institution will be able to display historically accurate information in the museums for countless individuals seeking to connect with the past. No previous experience is required and all information will be provided in advance of the event.


We are looking for volunteers to join us for the virtual Transcribe-a-Thon!


Pease send an email to Jeff Norris (External link opens in new tab or and Chris Pritchett (External link opens in new tab or, both fellow ASMC Washington Chapter members, if you are interested in joining our Teams meeting virtual Transcribe-a-Thon, no later than February 4, 2021.


Additional information about the Transcription Center at the Smithsonian Institution can be found at External link opens in new tab or window




 Budgeting and Accounting: Making the Connection  

February 25, 2021


The ASMC Washington Chapter is sponsoring the following mini-courses at no cost to our members.


This course is designed for junior DoD or contract employees from various backgrounds: accountants who want insight into DoD budgeting, budgeteers who want insight into DoD Accounting, and systems people who want a basic understanding of DoD budgeting and accounting so they can implement new financial systems.


DoD Certification Level 2

COMPETENCY: Concepts, Policies and Principles of Budget – 2.5 hrs. (PL3


Location: VIRTUAL - Management Concepts


Thursday February 25, 2021


 8:30 –11:30 a.m.

12:30 – 3:30 p.m.


Register by February 12, 2021



Please visit External link opens in new tab or window

2021 ASMC Virtual NCR PDI

March 11, 2021

Our 2021 ASMC Virtual National Capital Region (NCR) Professional Development Institute (PDI) being held on Thursday March 11, 2021 is a vibrant engagement across key ASMC Washington metropolitan area chapters to optimize Defense education and professional development, dialogue, networking, as well as fund-raising for charities and scholarships. In the three years leading up to COVID, our event sold out with over 1,600 government and industry professionals. PLEASE join us for this commanding virtual experience and a terrific day of learning, discourse, and certification [7 CPEs ~ $210].  There is no cost for our active military/government ASMC members and non-members. However, we strongly encourage non-members to join ASMC to enjoy year-around benefits of reasonable membership to include this free training! Please have your ASMC Membership number available during registration.

ASMC membership renewal or join link External link opens in new tab or window

Our 2021 ASMC Virtual NCR PDI theme is “Transformation & Technology: Push Your Limits!”  Defense Financial Management military, civilian, and corporate professionals have been challenged for years by national leaders to effectively transform legacy systems, achieve audit, improve operations, reduce costs, and enhance professional advancement.  Our FM transformation playbook, directing diligent preparation and innovation advances, has enabled steady progress toward the finish line.  2021 is the time to “Push Your Limits!”

Registration Link: External link opens in new tab or window

Program Link: External link opens in new tab or window


2021 Virtual NCR PDI Registration Fees


Government Rates: 

$0 for current ASMC members and Non-members who are current active duty military and government civilian employees only [government civilian badges or active military ID cards].  Non-members are strongly encouraged to join ASMC for a nominal fee to experience full year-round benefits.

Corporate Rates:

$149 -ASMC Member Corporate that includes retired government and contractors working onsite at government locations. Both retired military/government personnel must pay the non-government registration fee to attend – depending on if they are current ASMC members or non-members.

$199 -Non-ASMC member Corporate

All contractor employees [employed by commercial firms] – regardless of whether they are in the reserves or not [unless status is full-time duty as a reservist] – pay the corporate registration fee as ASMC member or non-member.



   Cost-Benefit Analysis

April 22, 2021


The ASMC Washington Chapter is sponsoring the following mini-courses at no cost to our members.



This mini-course will introduce cost-benefit analysis and how it is used to support decision-making in the organization, thereby increasing public welfare and improving efficiency.

DoD Certification Level 2

COMPETENCY: Financial Management Analysis – 2.5 hrs (PL3)


Location: VIRTUAL - Management Concepts


Thursday April 22, 2021


 8:30 –11:30 a.m.

12:30 – 3:30 p.m.


Register by April 9, 2021



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