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    ASMC Community Service Event


    5th Annual Navy-Air Force Half Marathon and

     13th Annual Navy 5 Miler

    National Mall, Washington DC




    Thank you to the over sixteen members of the ASMC Washington Chapter that volunteered at the 5th Annual Navy-Air Force Half Marathon and 13th Annual Navy 5 Miler held on the National Mall in Washington, DC on September 18th, 2016.  The event was planned and organized by Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Morale, Welfare and Recreation program.  Approximately 9,500 runners participated in the races.  The half marathon course passed by famous sites including the Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln Memorials, as well as the Potomac River and Georgetown.  The ASMC Washington Chapter volunteers happily distributed food and beverages to runners after their race.

    Congrats!  Kearney & Company

    ASMC 2015 National Corporate Member of the Year

    Congratulations to this year’s Chapter Leadership Award Winner!

    This award is given to recognize individuals for outstanding continuous leadership, accomplishments and support of the society at the chapter level. This year's winners are:

    Debra Delmar, Washington Chapter

    2016 Student Scholarship Winners

    The Washington Chapter awarded five $1,000 college scholarships to graduating High School seniors entering a field of study related to financial operations. Winners were selected based on their Scholastic Achievements, Leadership Ability, Extracurricular Activities, and Career Goals.


    Bregan Hanna - $1,000.00 - Mountain View High School


    Jacob Inderrieden - $1,000.00 - Maurice J. McDonough High School


    Randolph Jackson - $1,000.00  James Wood High School


    Michael Malherek - $1,000.00 Maurice J. McDonough High School


    Collin Ryan - $1,000.00 Potomac Falls High School


    2015 ASMC National Award winners from the Chapter:

    In the Chapter Award Categories, the Washington Chapter received Five Star Recognition & Community Service.

    The Corporate Member of the Year Winner is CALIBRE; the Distinguished Winner is Deloitte.

    Meritorious Small Team Award goes to our very own BRAC Consolidation Team.

    One of our Chapter members, Mr. Stephen Allenbach, was identified as meritorious winner in the Budgeting category.


    ASMC Washington Chapter winner:

    2016 Award Winners

    Accounting - Ms. Yetnayet Abebe

    Auditing - LCDR Kevin Beck

    Budget - Mr. Chris Barnhurst

    Acquisition / Cost Analysis - Ms. Jasdeep Dennison

    Small Team - Naval Audit Team: Mr. James Plummer, Ms. Niya Jones, Mr. Rodney Purnell and Ms. Donielle Davis

    Large Team - Defense Logistics Agency MIPR Team: Mr. Robert Snider, Mr. Michael Simon, Ms. Kimberly Robinson, Mr. Brandon Toyer, Mr. Donyell Wade, Mr. John Thompson, Ms. Kathleen Stephens, Mr. Mark Apsey, Mr. Rodd Evans, Ms. Jennifer Rainford, Ms. Maria Aprile, Mr. Jay Luck, Ms. Jessica Hower, Ms. Jennifer Trujillo, Ms. Jerri Ann Brown, Mr. Robert Sandlin, Ms. DaToya Taylor, and Ms. Toni Ardis.


    2015 Award Winners

    Accounting and Finance - Mr. Greg Robertson

    Resource Management - LCDR Jamie M. Embry

    Budget - LCDR Kevin Beck

    Audit – Ms. Mai Nguyen

    Financial Systems – Ms.         Michelle H. Chapman

    Intern/Trainee – Ms. Melissa Kurth

    Contractor Support- Ms. Tanese Abrams

    Comptroller / Deputy Comptroller - LCDR William A. Budovec

    Acquisition and Cost Analysis – Mr. Monty D. Holcombe

    Small Team - HQ USAF Base Realignment and Closure Team: Lt Col Lasheeco Graham, Ms. Patricia Heil, Ms. Vivian Johnson, Ms. Patricia McCory, Mr. Wellington Selden, Ms. Helen Griffith, Mr. Edward McCarthy, Ms. Rohini Winters, and Ms. Kara Jenkins.

    Large Team - Army Working Capital Fund Management Team :  Mr. Stephen Allenbach, Ms. Donna Torche, Mr. Bryan Sapp, Ms. Susan Williams, Mr. Brian Ramirez, Ms. Tiffani Burke, Ms. Elizabeth Graham, Mr. Ernest LaVenuta, Ms. Audra Black, Mr. Aaron Pereira, Ms. Kristin Walker, Mr. Julian David, and Ms. Janet Avery

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